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A Online Comic for Elves
When the Stars Fall
© Stephanie "Dusk" Harris

~* Keepers Club is the first Volume of a comic I will be writing and drawing for online reading. This community is designed for me to update everyone on news and features regarding the comic as a whole. Eventually pages for the comic will be hosted on DrunkDuck or any other website I can find with easy access and easy to use controls.

~* In this community you will find character profiles, sketches, ideas, snippets of stories. You, as the reader, may even be asked your thoughts on certain ideas.

~* You'll also find scheduled events based on myself and the cosplay event. Once I get things underway and take this to conventions, I will be posting my schedule along with what I've got planned table wise. I'll also give info for any cosplay information, as MANY people have designated interest in doing just that.

PLEASE NOTE: This story and all it's characters are copyright to myself, Stephanie "Dusk" Harris. I also go by Duskfall. Please do not use or redistribute ANY of these ideas or art in your own work. These images are not to be used for ANY reason, unless I've given EXPRESS permission per individual.

Please join and add the community to your watch list, as all posts will be made friends only to help prevent art theft/story theft. Thank you ~*


Keepers Club: Cover Issue 1 by =Duskfalls on deviantART